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Who are we ?

Sprints is the first end-to-end solution to bridge the Tech talent gap. We do this by assessing the talent at first, then delivering a customized learning journey, guaranteeing a top-paying job, and finally supporting our alumni's career growth.

Our story

Every year millions of graduates finish their formal education, But unfortunately, our current learning entities do not equip those graduates with the adequate Tech skills that the Tech labor market needs. Resulting in high rates of unemployment among those graduates, and hindering the hiring process for Tech companies as they can not find suitable candidates with Job-ready technological skills. That's why we created Sprints, to address the tech talent shortages through customized learning journeys that empower those talents With the technological skills they lack, then secure them with high-paying jobs at the most prestigious Tech companies in Egypt and Worldwide.

Our values







Our mission

We believe there is a better way to approach education and bridge the gap of skills in the market. We aspire to unleash the potential of 100 Million curious learners by developing the required skills for the AI era.

In case you are wondering why we chose this name

Sprints reflects speed and learning continuity and we believe that both are crucial for this AI era. Also, Sprints reflects our agile-based learning where educators are replaced by customers requesting deliveries from learners.

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