The tech-market is facing a huge challenge due to the lack of skilled techies.
Sprints is a disrupting university where students earn while they learn ! Learning at Sprints is through projects that boost collaboration, exposure ,hands-on experience and joy. And to ensure the maximum market-fit, all curricula are co-developed with leading tech-companies, and delivered in an agile, gamified way.

Why do we exist ?

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is threatening millions of human jobs, and no sufficient actions are taken other than discussing Universal Basic Income.
While this massive threat is approaching , our current educational institutes are lagging behind by far. This situation led Tech companies such as Google and Apple to drop college degree from their hiring requirements and just hire based on skills.
At SPRINTS, we dream of helping 100 million humans develop the required skills for the AI era.

why us

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Guaranteed Hiring!

Only pay upon successful hiring !

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Top Paying Jobs

We focus on future technologies with the highest salaries.

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Agile Based Learning

No teachers, only customers asking you to deliver !

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Financing Options

Payments up to 3 years installments with no interest !


Our higher education institutes are:
  – Slow: Can’t cope with the fast growing tech. markets and their needs.
  – Outdated: Teach rusty technologies.
  – Irrelevant: Focus on feeding students with some technical knowledge while dropping other much more relevant skills needed by all employers such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, researching, curiosity, self learning, proactivity, resilience, story telling and people skills.


We believe in partnerships, we are keen to partner with universities, e-learning providers, hiring platforms and big tech-companies. 
And with the right formula of e-learning, project based learning and gamification, we believe that we can achieve our target of helping 100 Million Humans.

Our Degrees

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The Bootcamp

3 months, guaranteed hiring
3 years payment plan with 0% interest
Select 1 specialization from Automotive SW, AI, Programming & Data Science

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The Bachelor ... Coming soon

4 Years Bachelor Degree in AI
& Select a 2nd specialization from Autonomous Systems, Programming, Data Science and Cyber-security
Earn while you learn model

WHY this NAME ?

“Sprints" reflects speed and learning continuity and we believe that both are crucial for this AI era. Also “sprints" reflects our agile based learning where educators are replaced by customers requesting deliveries from students.
And “.ai" reflects that all of our curricula are AI centered. Whatever SPRINTS school you select you will find AI is the core of our classes.


  •  – Guaranteed hiring ! 
     – Agile based learning
  •  – Balanced e-learning & F2F interactions
  •  – Curricula co-developed with the leading tech-companies
  •  – Multi-skills targeted learning
  •  – 100% real work environment simulation
  •  – 100% gamified experience
  •  – Financed learning