Embedded SW Engineer Bootcamp

Embedded SW Engineer Bootcamp

Embedded Systems

Learn about SW engineering and how to manage SW projects

What you will learn?

Skills and topics to learn throughout the journey
➔ Learn about SW engineering and how to manage SW projects
➔ Understand what SW development methodologies and process are
➔ Learn what are project 5 phases, and what are the main activities per phase
➔ Manage your team and learn how to develop a team charter
➔ Perform project tracking using earned value method
➔ Understand how to choose the proper software design
➔ Make different diagrams that describe your software product
➔ Understand the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
➔ Apply version control to your applications.
➔ Apply Git basic commands and resolve merge conflicts
➔ Learn how to divide your systems into layers and components
➔ Learn how to apply SOLID principles
➔ Understand the concepts of modular programming
➔ Understand different SW architectural patterns
➔ Understand safe coding and how to achieve that
➔ Learn about testing process and its different testing types, levels and techniques
➔ Understand what static testing is
➔ Learn how to make test analysis
➔ Understand the dynamics around the automotive industry
➔ Learn how SW projects work in the automotive industry
➔ Learn about the engineering roles in the industry
➔ Know the history and goals of AUTOSAR
➔ Learn AUTOSAR layered architecture
➔ Understanding of the underlying principles and technologies that enable IoT systems to function
➔ Learning all about IoT devices and integrating sensors with other components of an IoT system
➔ Knowledge of IoT data management and analytics tools and techniques
➔ Awareness of the security and privacy risks associated with IoT and the strategies for mitigating
➔ Familiarity with IoT protocols and standards and their suitability for different use cases
➔ Ability to design and develop IoT systems that meet the requirements of various stakeholders

  • 160 Duration (Hrs)
  • Arabic Language


  • University degree in Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Excellent C programming skills.
  • Very good Embedded Systems knowledge.
  • Good command of English and excellent problem-solving skills.

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