Start your career through a unique Automotive SW training program. Training duration is 3 months loaded with full hands-on Automotive experience. You will pay the training cost after being hired. The payments installments will be paid over 3 years, with zero interest, via Nasser Social Bank.

This Bootcamp qualifies you to pass the job requirements for Automotive Software Engineers, Embedded Systems Engineers and Validation/Test Engineers.


– Start Date: Sunday, 7-July
– Duration: 3 Months
– 5 Days per week (10:00 -18:00)
– Address: Sprints @ Maadi

Program Requirements

– University degree in Computer Engineering or similar degrees.
– Basic knowledge of embedded systems and microcontrollers.
– Good C Programming Skills.
– Excellent Problem Solving Skills.
– Good command of English language (Written and Spoken).

Application Steps

– Apply on the Bootcamp, through this link.
– Pass the exams and the personal interviews conducted by Sprints.
– You will be notified with the interview result. And if you pass, Nasser Social Bank (NSB) will finalize the loan procedure with you.
– After successfully passing the training program and getting hired, you will start paying for NSB.
Top Graduates are eligible for Full and/or Partial Scholarships.

For more information, please checkĀ this link.

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