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Bridge the growing tech talent gap by tapping into Sprints Talents. Looking for highly-skilled, non-traditional talent sources?  Sprints candidates are lifelong learners. They’ve built practical skills in our industry-vetted programs in fields like data science, AI, autonomous systems, mobile, web development, DevOps, and cyber-security. We make it easy for you to source candidates matched to your specific requirements.

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Build your brand. Reach thousands of learners. Join a community of industry experts shaping the next generation of tech professionals.

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• Our team of Curriculum Managers will onboard you to Sprints’ framework for creating top-quality content.

• You’ll work with our content development team to edit, test, and iterate on your program to provide the best possible learning experience.

• Once your program is opened for enrollment, leverage your network of learners by connecting via webinars, blogs, and other marketing channels.

What’s in it for you?

• Experts are compensated based on the completion of course development.

• Experts are eligible for a revenue-share.

• Experts also benefit from high exposure to Sprints’ massive network of tech-experts & employers.

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• Build subject-matter expertise and deepen your own personal knowledge.

• Learn how to motivate others and provide guidance to aspiring learners.

• Gain valuable leadership experience and people skills.

• Hone your written communication and teaching abilities.

• Create meaningful relationships with people from around the world.

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