Data Engineering MasterClass

Data Engineering MasterClass

AI & Data Science

Unleash the data deluge. Become a Data Engineer with our MasterClass. Master data wrangling, build pipelines, and unlock insights. Launch your data-driven future. Enroll now!

What you will learn?

The Data Engineering learning journey aims to upskill data engineers in the field of Data Science. It is designed to help employees acquire new skills and knowledge that will enhance their performance and help them meet the evolving needs of their roles. The program may include a range of learning opportunities, such as live workshops, online content, coaching, and mentoring, and will be geared towards building technical skills and industry-specific knowledge. 


The program does not only help employees stay relevant and engaged in their roles, but it also contributes to their professional growth and career advancement. We believe that this upskilling program can lead to increased team productivity, employee retention, and overall business success.

Big Data

111 Parts

10 Chapters

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Data Engineering

34 Parts

9 Chapters

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  • 60+ Duration (Hrs)
  • 30 Recorded Videos (Hrs)
  • 16 Interactive Live Sessions
  • 7 Tasks
  • 8 Weeks
  • Upskilling Impact
  • Arabic Language


  • University degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Knowledge of one programming language at least.
  • Good command of English
  • Basic fundamental knowledge of databases Structured Query Language (SQL).

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